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Monthly Archives: February 2017

NitroFill Now Available At Shige's Premier Auto Service!!

 NitroFill Now Available At Shige's Premier Auto Service!!

What Is NitroFill? NitroFill's Conversion Station produces nitrogen that is extremely pure up to the 99.9% range. Their system is programmed to be able to dispense a minimum of 95% purity inside the serviced tire and can convert up to 4 tires to NitroFill simultaneously. NitroFill is a nitrogen inflation product that has been used in tires of vehicles requiring the highest levels of safety and performance since 1966. Tire inflation with nitrogen is required by most racing leagues like NASCAR and Formula 1. Commercial aircraft tires are mandated to be filled with nitrogen inflation by the FAA, as well. NitroFill has also been chosen by our country's Air Force for their most sophisticated aircraft fleets. What Are The Benefits Of Nitrogen Filled Tires? We don't always take the time to check our tire pressure even though we definitely should. Proper tire pressure is actually a big deal for your ... read more