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What Is NitroFill?

NitroFill's Conversion Station produces nitrogen that is extremely pure up to the 99.9% range. Their system is programmed to be able to dispense a minimum of 95% purity inside the serviced tire and can convert up to 4 tires to NitroFill simultaneously.

NitroFill is a nitrogen inflation product that has been used in tires of vehicles requiring the highest levels of safety and performance since 1966. Tire inflation with nitrogen is required by most racing leagues like NASCAR and Formula 1. Commercial aircraft tires are mandated to be filled with nitrogen inflation by the FAA, as well. NitroFill has also been chosen by our country's Air Force for their most sophisticated aircraft fleets.

What Are The Benefits Of Nitrogen Filled Tires?

We don't always take the time to check our tire pressure even though we definitely should. Proper tire pressure is actually a big deal for your wallet and the environment too. Proper tire pressure means increased fuel efficiency, and decreased emissions. With nitrogen filled tires, tire pressure will not fluctuate as much and will retain optimal tire pressure longer than if you were to fill the tires with regular air. This means you will have optimal grip by keeping the "contact patch" on the road, as recommended by tire manufacturers, which in turn will save you money on gas.

Tires are expensive so naturally one should want to maximize the life of their tires. Nitrogen filled tires will help maximize your tires life by reducing oxidation that will make the rubber brittle and lose its' tensile strength. With proper tire pressure chances of a tire blowout is significantly reduced with nitrogen filled tires, which increases your safety. There are other benefits like improved TPMS performance, more predictable pressure fluctuation for changes in the temperatures or elevation changes, as well. Nitrogen is simply more predictable due to the fact that it is dry and contains no moisture to contribute extra pressure changes with temperature.

Nitrofill Services

Air contains moisture in the form of vapor. This eventually leads to rust or corrosion through the process of oxidation or hydrolysis. The former and the latter occur during fluctuations in outside temperatures. Both are commonly associated with rust and corrosion. It is quite destructive to anything that is constructed of rubber and steel, which is why when it comes to our vehicles, we should be very careful to avoid rust and corrosion. Nitrogen is a type of gas that is referred to as an "inert" gas. Given a set of conditions, nitrogen will not undergo any chemical reactions. So, this means that nitrogen will not oxidize or go through hydrolysis despite moisture in the air. Therefore, naturally nitrogen is the superior choice for filling tires.

Statistical Analyse, Please?

The Get Nitrogen Institute has some pretty interesting data. We definitely recommend taking the time to check out their page. There is a ton of valuable information on their FAQ.


Consumer Reports performed a study that began on September 20, 2006 through September 20, 2007 to see if filling tires with Nitrogen was worth the price. They purchased a Nitrogen inflation system to inflate 31 all season tires ranging from H rated models to V rated models that were used in a tread wear test they had performed the previous year. They filled one tire per model with Nitrogen and the other with air at room temperature at 30 psi. They used an oxygen analyzer to ensure 95% nitrogen purity, as well. At the end of the year, researchers found that the tires filled with air at room temperature on average lost about 3.5 psi versus the nitrogen filled tires only lost 2.2 psi from the original 30 psi. So, over the long term, you will benefit from filling your tires with nitrogen.

Still Want More Info?

Check out Jay Leno below explaining why nitrogen is the superior choice to fill your tires with.

Do You Still Have To Check Your Tire Pressure?

Definitely! We should all be vigilant regarding our tire pressure. It just means so much to safety, efficiency and long term investment.

We at Shige's Premier Auto Service will always check your tire pressure for you at every visit for service or maintenance. Or if you're in the neighborhood, just stop by and see us for a quick check! Safety First While Living The Legacy!!

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