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Vehicle Fluids Part III: Coolant

Internal combustion engines, such as the one in your vehicle, necessitates the removal of excess heat. Therefore, the engine has a cooling system that requires coolant, which is a heat transfer fluid. Coolant also prevents freezing and protection from corrosion. When your engine is operating it can convert only about one third of the energy originating from the combustion of fuel into assisting to move the vehicle. Two thirds of this is converted into heat while another one third is released through the exhaust, which leaves the rest of this energy within the engine block. The engine block is then in need of coolant to absorb this heat and as the coolant absorbs the heat it then transports it through the radiator and sends it to dissipate into the environment. Due to this process, the engine is able to be fully efficient and operational. Coolant is sometimes known as anti-freeze and vice versa. Both are really just generic terms used to describe a fluid that can remove heat fr ... read more