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California Wildfires Continue, Why is it Important to Change Your Cabin Air Filter

California Wildfires Continue, Why is it Important to Change Your Cabin Air Filter


With fires continuing to burn in California it's a good idea to inspect your cabin air filter and have it replaced if needed; smoke and debris caused by forest fires can severely affect your cabin air filter. Changing your filter is simple yet an important service that helps clean the air inside your car. 

The purpose of the cabin air filter is to prevent dirt, dust and pollen from entering the vehicle cabin through the air vents. Whether you have the A/C on or the heater, when your vehicle is equipped with a cabin filter, the air from the outside flows through this filter, filtering the air you and your passengers breathe. When the filter becomes dirty, and clogged it reduces the ability to filter the air you breathe. A "plugged up" filter will prevent air flow which will cause the air conditioning to get cold effectively, not an ideal situation especially when September - October tends to remain warm in Los Angeles. 

If you notice that the A/C in your vehicle is not as cold as it used to be or notice musty smells this could be another sign the filter needs to be replaced. 

The average cost of replacing a cabin filter is under $40, however in vehicles that are more difficult to access this filter there may be additional labor costs. Is it time to have your cabin air filter replaced? Contact us at 310-323-1824 to schedule a free inspection, we're here to help, your safety is our priority! 

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