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10 Steps to Get Your Car Ready for Sale and Get Top Dollar for It

10 Steps to Get Your Car Ready for Sale and Get Top Dollar for It

Are you thinking about selling your car to upgrade for a new car? With used vehicles still in high demand at higher prices due to the slowing production of newer vehicles, your vehicle will have more value when you put effort into taking care of repairs and regular maintenance. 

By being prepared not only will you benefit from a car that performs better on the road, when it comes time to sell you'll be able to get top dollar and be rewarded for all the efforts that you put into maintaining your car.


Here are 10 steps to get your car ready for sale and get top dollar for it: 


Keep the car clean, get it washed (clean the car inside thoroughly and out, consider getting it detailed)

Fix any dents and dings 


Get oil changed

Inspect, clean and replace tires 

Get your wheels aligned


Inspect your brakes and brake system

Replace the wipers


Change coolant especially if car is over 3 years old

Get your air conditioning system serviced


Transmission oil change (inspection recommended for high mileage cars) 

Did you know that we offer pre-sale inspections? Here at Shige's Premier Auto Service we perform an in-depth multi-point inspection, covering 60 different points of your car including a detailed, digital inspection that shows you everything that our technicians find and recommend in full transparency. All inspections are stored in our system electronically, so we can help you keep good records which will be needed when you want to sell your car. 


Thinking about selling your car and have questions about this checklist or need assistance making sure your car is ready for sale? Give us a call 310-323-1824 or feel free to set up an appointment online for a complete inspection. 



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