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5 Essential New Year Resolutions for Car Owners

As we're a few days into the New Year, you've probably already spent time working on your resolutions- working out, saving money,or even decided to learn a new skill, but as we look to better our lives,one thing we often take for granted is the health of our vehicles. 

We count on our cars to get us to work, run errands, go to doctor appointments, even for travel - we need to make sure that it is safe and reliable, so here are 5 New Year Resolutions every car owner should have, after all, New Year, New Me, right? 

Regular maintenance: It’s important to follow owner’s manual recommendations for oil-change intervals (checking all fluid levels and tire pressure, replacing filters, rotating and balancing tires) and major services like having the timing belt replaced. Doing maintenance like this helps extend the life of your vehicle, keeps your gas mileage high, and reduces emissions. In the long run, regular check-ups save you money. 

Washing and cleaning your car: Washing your car at home gives you the opportunity to look for any damage you may have not noticed. You may want to clean the interior of your car (frequently touched areas), soap and hot water is a safe option that will also help to fight against germs and viruses, including COVID. 

Driving Safely: Slow down when you’re on an unfamiliar or rough road, and avoid distracted driving (don't text and drive). Stay alert and keep enough distance between you and the vehicle in front of you so you can avoid issues. Doing this will help you take better care of your vehicle and may even help reduce the occurrences of body damage.

Learn How to Change A Tire: This is something every car owner should know how to do. Of course you can just call for roadside assistance but what if you don’t have AAA, membership expired or your cell phone died? There might come a time when you need to know this important skill. This is important especially if you have a new driver in your family. 

Know How to Jump Start Your Car from a Dead Battery: As the months get colder, the cold weather can drain your battery, and nobody wants to get stranded out in the cold. Preventing a dead battery from happening in the winter should always be at the top of your check list. Use your owner's manual and follow the instructions step by step. 

Start 2022 off right and bring your car in or schedule an appointment for a courtesy comprehensive inspection. Our expert technicians at Shige's Premier Auto Service are ready to help ensure your car is in tip top condition to begin the New Year!