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"What if, today, we were grateful for everything?"
Charlie Brown

Shige's Premier Auto Service's Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is literally less than 48 hours away. The mad scramble to get a turkey and all the other food accessories for the feast has been well in motion since last week. People are excited to have some time off to share with their friends and families, maybe watch some football and yes, eat! Every one of us, I'm sure, has their plans in place and are pushing through this short week as fast as they possibly can. That's because this year most Southern Californians are said to be travelling according to the Automobile Club of Southern California, who are predicting that there will be a 3.1 increase in Thanksgiving excursions. They announced that 3.65 million residents are expected to take holiday trips and stated that this is "the highest number of travelers for Thanksgiving since 2007, when 3.99 million Southern California residents took holiday."

More Traveling Residents....We All Know What This Means!! Traffic!!!

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A high percentage of people will be driving to their holiday destinations this week. So, be prepared to be stuck in some traffic if you cannot get out of town before everyone else. But, more traveling residents should be seen as a good thing, as well. Why, you might ask? Well, it is nice to see more and more people feeling good about making the decision to travel because it is a sign that we all may have a bit more spending money than we have had in the last decade. Although gas prices are averaging what they were this time last year, prices have still dropped since last week, which is another great incentive for folks to get out of town for the holiday weekend. Jeffrey Spring, a spokesperson for the Southern California Auto Club stated, that "price drops are good news for more than 3 million Southern Californians who will drive 50 miles or more to Thanksgiving holiday destinations and probably pay the lowest price since 2008, when Thanksgiving gas prices averaged about $2.20 per gallon."

So Where Is Everyone Going?

According to most survey's, the top 5 Southern Californian destinations are:

Shige's Premier Auto Service's Thanksgiving

  1. Santa Barbara.
  2. San Francisco (number 2 destination nationwide).
  3. Grand Canyon.
  4. San Diego (number 3 destination nationwide).
  5. Las Vegas (number 1 destination nationwide).

So, What Are We Grateful For Here At Shige's Premier Car Service?

All of us here at Shige's Premier Car Service are forever grateful for our wonderful loyal customers and for our future loyal customers. We appreciate each and every one of you and what you bring to our company. We have said it many times before, but we feel it is never enough. We would not be where we are if it were not for all of you spreading the word about our beloved shop and bringing your friends and family to see us. We take pride in servicing your vehicles and that we have so many satisfied customers! We work on everyone's vehicle as if it were our own because we want each and everyone of you to Live The Legacy!!!