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Things All Car Owners Should Do On Their Own


If car ownership is new to you whether the car is old or new, every car needs to be cared for. 

The good news is that there are some important tasks like checking tire pressure, installing new wipers or cleaning your car that you can do in your own drive way. Just by following your owner's recommended maintenance schedule, you can avoid several vehicle problems. 

Preventive car care reduces wear and tear of the engine and other components that help extend the life of your vehicle and help save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Regular maintenance can reduce the chance of breakdown and your car will be in great condition to handle your daily commute and road trips safely.

Here are some things all car owners should do on their own: 

Use Common sense: Be alert for any leaks, strange noises or smells as well as changes in performance, such as diminished braking, acceleration, or steering abilities. Taking care of these issues when first identified can often prevent huge repair bills that result from ignoring the warning signs.

Tire Pressure: Air pressure should be checked once a month which will take 5 minutes or less and can help prevent any potential damage to your tires.

Your tire tread depth condition should be routinely checked and it is recommended you have at least 3/32 of tread. Here's a simple tip for you: Use the old penny trick where you place the penny upside down and you should not be able to see the top of Lincolns head. Keep a tire pressure gauge in the car, a good one to use is a  digital gauge with an illuminated readout.

Wash your car: Washing your car at home gives you the opportunity to look for any damage you may have not noticed. You may want to clean the interior of your car (frequently touched areas), soap and hot water is a safe option that will help reduce the spread of Coronavirus.

Follow the service schedule: It’s important to follow owner’s manual recommendations for oil-change intervals and major services like having the timing belt replaced. 

Know when to change your windshield wipers: Worn wipers can create nasty streaks across your vehicle's windshield and affect your vision while driving. Even in the summer you should check your wipers as extreme temperature and UV rays, sand and debris can cause damage. You will notice your wipers are damaged if they are leaving streaky marks, making squeaky noises, have faulty frames, skipping or have splitting marks. Wiper blades typically last 6 months. 

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