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Call me a Boomer, but we're here to give Millennials some Car Care Advice

Call me a Boomer, but we're here to give Millennials some Car Care Advice ....

There's that older but still popular meme of Homer Simpsons's dad clinching his fists in the air titled "Old Man Yells at Cloud" and of course we have the currently trending social media meme with the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" reality TV star, screaming and pointing at an angry, hissing cat sitting over a table and plate of vegetables.

old man yells at cloud, gif

So what does this all mean exactly? Millennials really know their memes and while we try to find a way to avoid being called a Boomer, we really want to talk you about the importance of being a car owner and the responsibilities that come along with it.

In a study conducted by Car Rentals an (Expedia company) they interviewed 1,000 Americans regarding car care issues and discovered 46% millennials can't jump start a car, while 67% Americans ages 45-65 can. When asked Millennials if they knew how to do the basic tasks that include check the oil, fill the washer fluid, change a windshield wiper, change a tire or replace a headlight or tail light bulb, 45% did not know how to do any of these tasks!

We had a customer come in that needed an oil change and upon inspection we found a huge problem. The tires were in terrible condition and needed to be replaced immediately. The customer was not happy to hear about this, his first question was "how much is this going to cost?", he was quite shocked by the answer. He wanted to see if there was a way he could get out the door by just replacing 1 tire, but unfortunately all tires were worn to the cords, so there was no way we could recommend this. He reluctantly paid for this service on his credit card, which brings us to where we're at, consumers do not have a savings set aside for these type of "emergencies" or even routine repairs.

A survey conducted by bankrate suggested only 40% Americans have enough saved to cover an unexpected expense of $1000 or more. So how can you be more pro-active about this? Let's start with creating a budget. We recommend downloading on your smart phone MINT, it's free, easy to use and transactions can be tracked easily when you're on the go, we understand a busy life style of work, family and play so you can set up payment alerts and reminders, which also helps save you time and money!

While millennials may get a bad rap for spending habits on gourmet coffee and avocado toast, we know that this generation is savvy enough to take advantage of these tools to hep manage your money which includes a budget for routine car maintenance. We know millennials know how to spot a good deal, checking out the reviews online from peers and others, especially on platforms like Yelp. If you're currently renting or have young kids in day care, you know how much to set aside each month, the same can be done for car care. Performing preventative maintenance will help to avoid financially insurmountable repairs later down the road.

Here at Shige's Premier Auto Service, we believe in customer education and having a clear action plan is the key to success, having trust in our expertise so we can help guide you to make the right decisions with your car care. Each visit includes a multi point digital inspection with photos that we send to you that go over the pros and cons of what could happen if something is not taken care of and then prioritizing the jobs in order of importance.

We are the premier automotive service facility providing our clients with an alternative to dealerships by providing exceptional customer service for over 41 years in the South Bay area of Los Angeles. Friendly staff, factory trained technicians, state of the art technology, upmost transparency and history are just some of the features that set us apart from others in this industry. We provide clients the peace of mind and one less problem to worry about making life simpler.

Hopefully this information was of value to you and we can avoid being labeled "Ok Boomer" or "Old man yells at Cloud"!