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Basic Car Air Conditioning Repair Tips

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Basic Car Air Conditioning Repair Tips


Air Conditioning is something we don’t think about until it’s not working, like on a recent trip I took to Lake Havasu, you can only guess what happened. Of course the A/C stopped working on my truck, it was 113 degrees and I was miserable! It was a lesson learned to have my A/C inspected, especially before taking a long trip in the heat.  Keeping it serviced and maintained is key to never finding yourself sweating and uncomfortable in your car.


The way A/C works is complicated, the system is made of several components that work together to make sure you get cold air. Instead of explaining the whole process we'll break it down so its very easy to understand.

Inside your dash is a component called the EVAPORATOR and this unit get cold. You'll also find a motor called the BLOWER MOTOR which blows air through the cold EVAPORATOR and just like that, you now have COLD AIR! What makes the EVAPORATOR cold is the refrigerant in the system.


The most common cause of failure is low refrigerant caused by a leak in the system. Although the leak could be anywhere, with special tools readily available your automotive repair shop should be able to detect any leaks. 

Other failures include internal restrictions, component failures, reduced air flow, overcharging, engine overheating, are amongst the most common reasons. 


The best way to avoid a/c failure is to maintain the a/c system and have the refrigerant pressures inspected once a year, along with making sure the evaporator and cabin filter is clean. Having too much moisture in the evaporator area can cause bacteria, mold and spores to grow. Taking care of this is especially important while COVID-19 is imminent to make sure you do not expose you or your loved ones to anything that can be prevented.

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