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Can You Trust Your Auto Repair Shop?

Can You Trust Your Auto Repair Shop?

A common question that seems to come up often in Google search and even comments on social media networks, consumers are talking about whether or not they can trust their auto repair shop. The automotive industry has a bad reputation when it comes to trust, with little to no regulation to govern how businesses are conducted, it is unfortunate that there are still people out there that will take advantage of customers with no shame.

The best advice we can give you when choosing a mechanic is to do some thorough research so you have some values and expectations of how you should be treated. There are some really good automotive service and repair businesses and then there are ones that are not so good. There is a wide range and it all depends on what you are looking for.

Here are the top qualifications that come to mind:

1.) Reputation is everything when it comes to automotive service and repair. A good reputation is key because our customer’s words and thoughts are so powerful. How does a shop get a good reputation? They take care of people by providing great service and repair with integrity. Providing people with tremendous value and always putting the people you serve before anything else. With information right at our fingertips and using Yelp, Google Reviews, or even searching the Better Business Bureau would be a great start, you will see a pattern of consistent positive reviews. Another thing you can do is introduce yourself to the shop, see how friendly and helpful they are. We all know when it comes to automotive service, people are scared of being ripped off. You should find a shop that recognizes that and has a process to alleviate that sinking feeling.

2.) Are they competent? What competence means, is that you should seek a business that has a mission to evolve and stay current with the latest vehicles. Well trained technicians and state of the art equipment is not a cheap expense as a business owner, but these things help to ensure your vehicle stays in top condition. While you may spend more money at a repair shop but trying to save a little bit of money often costs customers more money later down the line when their car breaks down quicker. Today's modern vehicles are complicated and if you don’t know what you are doing, damage can occur very easily.

3.) We believe in cleanliness --- how the business and the equipment is maintained is a direct reflection of how that business will take care of your vehicle. A business that takes pride in what they do is always better, businesses that care are more than likely to hold themselves accountable. While we admit, sometimes the technicians may accidently break something or parts fail, but a business that takes accountability will always take care of the customer. We have heard stories of the shops blaming the customer, not good at all.

4.) Communication is important in every aspect of our lives. Automotive service is no exception to this and finding a business that communicates well is ideal, they should take the time to explain your vehicle needs, clear expectations and keep you updated with your vehicle status and at no time should you feel like you don’t understand or wonder what’s going on.

There may be other factors when looking for a trustworthy automotive service and repair shop but these 4 items is what we consider the most important. I hope this helps you find your automotive service business that you can TRUST.

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