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Today Marks 50 Years Of The Beloved Toyota Corolla!!

Celebrating 50 Years Of One Of The Best Selling And Most Reliable Cars!


Toyota is really excited to announce that they are celebrating 50 years of the Corolla. On a special website they created especially for this momentous occasion they give great praise to their reliable little car.

"Since its birth in 1966, the Corolla has been progressing with the times to respond to the needs of the eras in which it was produced. Today, Corolla celebrates its 50th anniversary thanks to our customers."

There are now 11 different generations of the Corolla that exist. Over the last 50 years, Toyota has sold around 44 million Corolla's all over the world. Fans of the car are excited to see how the car has evolved and how it will continue to evolve. And, as always looking forward to driving the new 2017 model below.

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The website appears as if it is being updated with more and more information. There is a great gallery exhibiting all the generations and histories of the car, as well as a few stories behind the design of the cars by the chief engineers like Tatsuo Hasegawa, Shiro Sasaki and Akihiko Sait. If you want to learn and see all the different Corolla generations in all their glory, just click here: Toyota's Global Newsroom.